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About A new life?

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Title: A New life?
Author: menolike
Rating: : PG for death, rating may change further on.
Pairing: SS/RL
Chapter: Prologue AND Chapter 1
Word Count: 1,800+
Summary: After the events of HBP. Remus Lupin seeks Severus Snape and has his vengeance, or so he believes, till a stranger show up stirring things and intriguing Remus.
Beta by my ever wonderfulcho_sa (cho_sa) . What ever mistakes you find, are 97% mine.
A/N1: SS/RL is not immediate, so be patient.
A/N2: About the VERSES: I was in the library and discovered “The Prophet” while I was looking for a man about a bird, or Pygmalion (not in the same section). I liked the name, read a few passages, and decided to try a story!

The verses are from
In: The Prophet. 1923.
Kahlil Gibran.
(posted to my LJ)

Please go to:
Prologue and chapter 1

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