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Dark Minds

The House of Angst

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Welcome to The House of Angst, this is a group where people can post and share their angsty stories, poems, fanfics, fanart, ect. All fandoms are accepted. There are a few rules, but we maintain an open membership.

-No flaming of stories; constuctive criticism only please.
-Please don't make this a chat room - post only stories.

Format for Story Posting
This is the format to be used for all stories posts in the community. Please use only spaces that apply.
Long or Short (Long is 1,000 words or over; short is under.)
Rating: (If over PG13, please explain why.)
Pairing: (If applicable)
Chapter: (Please state if it is a oneshot.)
Word Count:
Comments: (Please post a warning if one is needed.)
Actual Fic: Here's where you'll post the actual content of the fic--either an outgoing link or directly in the entry. If it's directly in the entry, please use the lj-cut code, since people may not want to scroll through long entries to get to others. For those of you who don't know the code, it's (in html brackets) [lj-cut text="Blah"] Your fic here [/lj-cut].

Maintained by:
tranrin - Founder, Administrator
neoangelss - Administrator

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact neoangelss at any time.